3 Big Tips for Surviving Your Family During the Holidays

Oh, those crazy people, AKA the fam. You love em’, you sometimes hate em’, but most of the time you just want everyone to take a rhino dart to the rear and just CALM THE BEEP DOWN.

Never more true has this been than for us college kids. Every year we expect to go home and soak in the Christmas(or Hanukah or Canadian Xmas, I don’t know your life,) spirit and chill over a cup of hot cocoa while everyone opens presents or pops the party streamers. But I think we can all agree that the Great Return Home usually just ends up like this:


Yeah……..no, it’s seriously about five minutes.

Mostly, it’s because of the QUESTIONS. And if you have any sort of normal crazy family you know exactly what I mean. How are things going with so and so? Why don’t you date other people? What are your classes for next semester, tell me in excruciating detail. Have you started thinking about what you’re gonna do next summer? Did you get that email from that lady who said she would hire you? You wouldn’t turn that down would you?

Holy poop, parents, I just climbed in this car expecting a hug and now I’m afraid to breathe.

So naturally, here’s 3 quick tips from Stumbly on how to survive New Years with the fam, no rhino darts needed:

  1) Take all the comments with a grain of salt.


I constantly have to remind myself when I’m at home that my parents don’t ask me all those questions to horrify me; they do it because they care about me and have a genuine interest in how my life is going. Many times we see these personal questions as if our families are picking us apart and trying to look for a weakness to expose. Truth is, they just want to make sure we’re doing okay. But we all know that it can be a bit overwhelming so it’s okay to politely ask for a break. Try something like, “Yeah, I’ll tell you guys more later, I’m just a bit tired from the trip right now.” Or in other situations, I find just giving the bare bones usually works.

2) Counter to common belief, you don’t always have to like your family.


Basically, don’t feel bad about not getting along with your crazy cousin on New Years. As Alan Henry says for LifeHacker, “Family is important, but there’s no rule that says you have to like or get along with everyone you’re related to. If you do, you’re very lucky, but just being related to someone doesn’t automatically mean the two of you will get along in every situation, share the same views, or even enjoy each other’s company.” It’s one of those unfortunate truths of life we begin to learn as we get older that families do diverge. How else would we get those crazy uncles who live deep in the Wyoming wilderness and only emerge from their cave during the holidays? That said, yes, you’re still required to play nice with the other kids. Be polite but be firm if somebody is pushing your buttons a little too hard. And if Uncle Cray Cray really makes you want to commit murder, then don’t feel bad about saying NO to hanging with him. Sorry Ma, if Uncle Cray is stepping in, I’m stepping out.

3) Try to enjoy yourself…..this won’t last forever.


I know, seems counterintuitive but think about it: You won’t always be able to go home to a free bed and an endless buffet. Right now the craziness and annoyance might not seem worth it but trust me, you will change your mind someday soon. And not to be morbid but it never hurts to remind ourselves that our parents won’t be around forever! So attempt to enjoy the time you have with them now, no matter how nutty they may be. Just be nice, take a few deep breaths where you need them, and enjoy the home cooked food and the holiday cheer.

Thanks for tuning in and have a Happy New Year, folks. And check back next week for a real juicy post, yo.




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