10 Classy, Happy, and Actually Do-able New Years Resolutions

A somewhat serious, somewhat not list of 10 things that can make a happier and classier 2016!

Because we all know that the “I shall not drink an ounce of soda” this year just doesn’t hold up.


Pretty much all of us at this point.


1) Unfriend the phonies.


Mostly kidding here, most people we end up unfriending aren’t actually phonies….most. But still, it’s healthy to take a break and clean up all that Facebook news feed clutter. I recently did this and I felt so much better after I unfriended people I hadn’t talked to since high school or just never really talked to. Also, word to the wise, if there’s a few people that you feel like you can’t unfriend them just yet, consider unsubscribing to their timeline. That way you don’t have to see their crap, but you don’t have to hurt any feelings. Win win.

2) Actually clean that room.


Story time: I had recently cleaned my room when I heard that my roomie’s family was coming to visit. Upon peeking his head into my room, my roomie’s brother asked if anyone actually lived there. It was that clean!

And let me tell you, that’s a powerful feeling. Take it from me, just expend a little energy to make sure you have the cleanest room in the house and you’ll instantly feel more put together than um, others. *cough cough*

3) Backup all your photos. I’m not joking.

We all know that half of our phone storage space is taken up by selfies.

You should probs delete those, it’s 2016.

But for the other memorable photos worth keeping, consider uploading them to the cloud, your Google Drive, or if you don’t trust cloud stuff, ye old flashdrive. Because more space on your phone is cool and not losing all your photos in case of a phone incident is even cooler.

4) Make a do-able bucket list for the year.


I don’t do lifetime bucket lists. Maybe in my head but writing them down just stresses me the heck out and makes me feel like Queen Latifah in Last Holiday.

But writing down one or two for just 2016? Easy peasy. To give you an example, mine are to try ice skating again, and go on a beach trail ride 🙂

5) Invest in something that makes you happy.

Just pick one thing that is sustainable that doesn’t have to do with anyone but you. The point is to choose something that exists just to make you happy…like pottery, or paper folding.

6) Consider trying to kick one bad habit.


Mine is tearing up paper when I get nervous. Weird right? It’s a problem, give me a sheet of loose leave when I’m nervous and you’ll have a tiny little pile of paper shreddings left over. But maybe yours is biting your nails, burping in public, I don’t know. But if there’s something you’re not proud of, this year is the perfect time to try to kick it. You’ve definitely got this. 🙂

7) Find a class at the rec, jogging route, sport, ostrich-racing team that inspires you.


Firstly, if you’ve never tried taking a class at the Rec, I would tell you that you’re missing out, man. They change every semester and the instructors are all amazing.(I can vouch for this guys, I’m friends with half of them haha) But if you’re the type that’s not easily convinced, you can always try something else at the Rec, or jogging, or whatever exercise thing that calls to you.

And also check out my post next week about how working out doesn’t have to completely suck.

8) Pet more pups. Fur real. (sorry)


Year after year, I always chicken out when I see a cute dog in public because I’m weird and I feel awkward asking their owner if I can pet their pup. BUT NOT THIS YEAR I TELLS YA. I have seen the light and have finally realized its not that scary.

9) Learn to say goodbye to “eh” relationships.


Life lesson from my Mama and probably everyone else’s: Friendships aren’t always meant to last forever. If you’ve got somebody in your life that is dragging you down or get the feeling that they’re not making any effort to keep the friendship going, then it’s time to say goodbye. This is even more true for those who are about to graduate or move; leaving those loose ends can really bring you down.

10) Say “yes” more.


This is my personal big goal for this year, and for good reason. Last year I began to realize that my best memories came from times when I agreed to go out to a party on a whim, or randomly said yes to going over to an event last minute. It’s well worth it this year to figure out when to say no and when to say yes.

Anyway you slice it, it’s our year, Stumblies. Make it count.


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