Why Going to the Gym Doesn’t Have to Be Freaking Awful


Apparently, there’s some odd piece of fitness advice floating around that says that if you just make yourself go to the gym for 10 minutes, you’ll be more likely to stay longer for an actual workout. As good as that sounds, I think those people underestimated my resistance to leave my bed!

Seriously though, when did working out become the devil?


My best guess is that people tend to revolt against things they’re told they have to do. Just like when you were little and your mom told you to go to bed, did you get up and do it? Heck no, man, you clawed and screamed as Mama dragged you to your room. So today, when you see something that tells you to workout, the usual response is, “Nah man, I’m good.”

BUT I’m not going to tell you to go to the gym because you’re a freaking adult and I’m definitely not your mother. BUT I am going to share some personal wisdom on why working out actually does do some good stuff and why it doesn’t have to suck big time. Here goes:


First off, there is totally such a thing as GYMTIMIDATION.

If you’ve ever been to an actual human gym or rec center, you probably know what I’m talking about. There you are donned in your cute/maybe not so cute workout gear and you’ve decided to be brave and head towards the weight room. But wait! There’s Gargantuan Joe bench pressing 300 pounds. You can literally see his muscles twitching as he lets the bar fall with a big CLANK and also gives out a sort of loud animal grunt, supposedly just to let the world know he’s a crazed beast of some sort that can lift stuff.

And that’s usually when you say NOPE and turn right back around right?

Well I’m here to tell you that Gargantuan Joe is a tool and nobody there likes him anyway. And the other thing? Gargantuan Joe’s workout is Gargantuan Joe’s workout.  Never let somebody else intimidate you into deciding against something that’s best for you! So if you see fancy fit people and you’re just starting out, then just do it! If you’re a girl and you see the weight room is completely dominated by guys, get your booty in that weight room and show them who’s boss! (Important side note: You may even catch some of the guys checking out said booty which is bound to pump up your self-esteem, trust me on this).


Most importantly, the trick is  find something that’s up your alley. If you hate running, then why the heck would you make yourself run to get fit? Do you like biking? Do that. Like swimming? Do that. There are too many options, even outside a gym, to complain that you can’t find something you like. Unless your excuse is that you just don’t like moving, in which case I would suggest the TV workout: do some small exercises every commercial break. I mean, I still do that on occasion, it counts!

It can take weeks of workouts to see a difference, but it only takes one to feel a difference. Goals like losing weight and getting in better shape, yeah that takes work and time. But just wanting to feel better? Guys, you can do that today. 🙂

Have a happy week and don’t forget to check back next week, as always.





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