How to Survive Valentine’s Day

No matter what your relationship status is. πŸ™‚

Valentine’s Day is often a hard holiday to survive for both single folks and those in relationships. Those who are single often loathe the day, knowing that the day is likely to make them feel even more lonely. Those in relationships feel the stress to buy their loved one all sorts of bad chocolate and teddy bears and lingerie…and all that adds up really fast. And what if they don’t meet their significant other’s expectations? Fight city, ahead.


To survive Valentine’s Day and possibly even enjoy it, you first should get a good sense of the truth of what we’re actually celebrating.

For starters, Saint Valentine’s Day, or the Feast of St. Valentine, celebrates a saint who was executed for his faith. Essentially, we are celebrating the day a man was jailed for marrying soldiers who were not allowed to wed, and who then was killed for not revoking his faith. Meanwhile today we’re giving each other animatronic stuffed bears that sing dirty songs. Ouch.


This leads to probably something very obvious: Valentine’s Day as we celebrate it here in the U.S. has become all about commercialism. While some of us still believe in small gestures and the value of spending time together, there is also this pressure to buy, buy, buy. One of the most frequent questions you’ll get around Valentine’s Day if you’re in a relationship is, “What are you buying them?” What the heck happened to asking what we’re actually doing for them?


To survive Valentine’s its good to remember that just like Momma taught you, its not the gift but the thought that counts. Bad chocolate is bad chocolate and who really wants a freaking big teddy bear anyway?? Wouldn’t you rather cook a nice meal with friends, go see a funny movie, or even take a road trip somewhere new? I know I would!


Why do we even need one specific day set aside to celebrate love? Isn’t that something that should be celebrated even on random days, like September 2nd? Sept 2nd can’t get any love. Further more, we all know Valentine’s Day is geared towards just one type of love, that is the romantic, gushy love we all dream about. But what about love for friends and family? Even love for your dog, right?

So pull a Leslie Knope and do Galentine’s Day, call your fam up and tell them you love them, just do whatever you want to do!


Like many things in life, surviving Vday is all about perspective. You can resign to be miserable andΒ watch sad romantic comedies with Paul Rudd all day, OR you can grab your single pals and hit up Hooters, where if you bring in a pic of your ex, they’ll shred it for you and give you some free hot wings, to boot.

If you do have a special someone, enjoy your time, don’t get nasty in front of other people, and stay true to you; whatever that means.

Oh, and I highly recommend hitting up Walmart for the cheap day after Valentine’s chocolate sale. Because no matter your relationship status, chocolate will never do you wrong. πŸ™‚







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