Life Lessons This Season of The Bachelor Taught Us

First off, don’t open your mouth too wide on national television.


So far, it’s been a crazy ride. RIP Jubilee and all the other chicks who went bonkers. But even though people endlessly make fun of the show, and with good reason, there are little nuggets of wisdom to be found throughout each season. Watching such a dysfunctional horde of relationships has a way of letting the viewer see several relationships from different angles; they see what seems to work and what obviously doesn’t. (Like lying to everyone’s face, LEAH.)

So without further ado, here’s few life lessons that I’ve gathered through watching this season of The Bachelor so far.

People obviously aren’t meant to date over 16 people at one time. Poor Higgins.


  We all know that The Bachelor is like this crazy emotional separate universe where polygamy gets its shining moment in mainstream culture. But we also see that for the most part, it doesn’t work too well. As the season progresses, we’ve seen Ben and the girls become more and more uncomfortable on group dates because it’s very awkward and excluding for one girl to be hanging with him and the others just watching their every move. Like, remember Pig Island? That’s gotta be hands down the most awkward date in Bach history.

Even the best reputation is easily tarnished.


When Leah threw Lauren under the bus and lied about her behavior to Ben, I was so surprised at how seriously he took the accusations. The riff between them lasted until the next episode and poor Lauren didn’t seem to know how to defend herself against something that was completely untrue. This goes to show that people in general are quick to judge and its harder to defend yourself against accusations that are untrue. Ironic right?

It pays to be humble.


It really, really does. Olivia’s act in the talent show made me cringe harder than I’ve ever cringed before. She goofed up, especially by telling Ben that her talent would amaze him and then what is her talent? Pulling on a skimpy showgirl outfit and popping out of a cake. And then oddly shimmying around the stage until the host thankfully ended it. Think of it this way: If you downplay something, when it’s actually pretty awesome people will be amazed. But if you over hype something? People will feel let down if it doesn’t meet that standard.

Love yourself before you love someone else.


 My viewing group actually loved Jubilee. However, we quickly realized that she had some confidence issues with herself and wasn’t ready to be with Ben. Case in point, it’s essential to love yourself and be strongly confident in who you are before you can fully love and accept someone else. If someone isn’t confidently themselves, they may fi d themselves unhappy or pretending to be someone they’re not just to get the guy. It was pretty obvious that Jubilee and some of the other earlier girls were nit big fans of The Bachelor system. And that’s perfectly okay! But you’ve got to realize that the situation isn’t for you, and then get out of there with your dignity intact.

Actions really do speak louder than words. Especially on live TV.


Granted, the camera guys look for reactions and weird stuff on purpose but it’s always important to remember: Someone’s actions say more about them than their words. All the cameras on this show allow us, as viewers, to see every facial expression and every poorly hidden eye roll. Not to mention all the shade that gets thrown around. Seeing these things makes viewed see them in a certain light. For example, we saw that Olivia was a total crazy around the girls but then would switch faces and act a little too sweetly around Ben. Along with some words from the other girls, Ben began to recognize and see these behaviors, which put him off. If you want to impress people, you gotta talk the talk AND walk the walk.

And last but not least, ABC really likes their dramatic Ben Higgins shots.


The crashing waves are like the crashing waves of emotions he can’t cope with. #angstyhiggins




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