Stump the Trump: Why We Should All Be Worried About Politics Right Now

Or, you know, at least just slightly concerned.

If you’ve been anywhere on the planet these last few months, you probably at least know a little bit about what’s going on in the presidential race right now. The GOP has seen the majority of its beginning candidates drop out; Bush, Christie, Fiorina….all gone. This has left Trump, Cruz, and Rubio to duke it out for the top dog spot. I don’t mention Ben Carson because, well, he’s Ben Carson. He’s literally begging people to attack him on stage but nobody bothers to. The democrats are overwhelmed by both Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders but there are concerns that Bernie is losing his bern, if you know what I mean. However, many people, particularly among the young and the older crowd still really believe in his message, which might be enough to keep him afloat.


But here’s what you really came to read: Somebody’s gotta stump Trump. Big time.

First off, I would love to go into depth about how nutty Trump is and how he would be a horrible President but because I don’t have the time or the inclination, here’s a video montage of all the stupid/offensive/horrible/corrupt/slightly confusing/almost vaguely interesting things Trump’s said or done or insinuated.

Cue the elevator music, please.


Refreshing, isn’t it? Almost makes you feel born again, with a new purpose in life, and that is that somebody has please got to stump this dude.

Because here’s the concern: From the beginning, it has seemed obvious and almost a given that the GOP would not endorse Trump. They have since become a little bit slack with him, since Trump’s statement that he would remain loyal to the party and not run as a third party candidate if he didn’t receive the nomination. But it seems safe to assume that Trump would do a lot to win and there’s no guarantees or words in writing that would prevent him from going back on his word if the time came.

As it is, Trump is running against both Rubio and Cruz, two candidates that also are coming under fire for various assorted reasons. Rubio is undermined by his lack of experience and his too well-rehearsed speeches, which make it seem like he doesn’t actually know what he’s doing. Cruz has more experience but tends to sway on the extreme far right on most issues, and may not have the delicacy to make friends across the aisle.

If the GOP has to choose between Trump, Cruz, and Rubio on who they want to send up against Clinton or Sanders, they’re going to choose their heavy hitter. While Trump may not be the best choice for much else, if Cruz and Rubio cannot start pulling more weight and drawing more support away from Trump, then the GOP might recognize Trump as their best chance at rallying the republican party against the democrats.

And with Trump as the nominee against Clinton, it seems very likely that he would get most of the republican vote. Which obviously makes a lot of people nervous.


The longer you watch, the more frightening it becomes.


The only question left to ask seems to be: So how does one stump Trump before he could get the nomination? Personally, I have no clue. All know is that if Trump is elected somehow, I’m taking advantage of my dual citizenship and peacing out to Canada. That, and I imagine for the first time in U.S. history, border patrol would be reporting people escaping to Mexico and not from it.


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