5 Blogs for Badass Women

This week, it’s Bloggers for Bloggers and Women for Women! Women supporting women, whatever, y’all know what I mean.

While I do hope readers enjoy my blog, it is an obvious fact that Stumbly is but a tiny minnow in a river of catfish (catfish get big! Look it up). I aspire for Stumbly to be a catfish one day but for now, I do my thing and get my inspiration from the bigger fish out there.

Below are 5 pretty banging blogs for women who also aspire to greatness. From beauty advice and financial advice, to what to do when it feels like your life is falling apart at the seams, these blogs’ authors will inspire you.

  1. The Everygirl


The Everygirl is an amazing, multi-faceted blog that covers a wide range of topics, from wellness and culture to beauty, fashion, and relationships. I also love that they post so often, averaging about 4-5 posts a day. They really make sure you never run out of things to read.

  1. Advice from a Twenty-Something

image (1)

While Amanda posts only every other day or so, her posts are always very insightful and give you lots of practical advice. And she takes her own awesome photos, which are beautifully poised and lighted. How she does it, I know not. Note to self, follow her on Insta.

  1. Smart Twenties

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I feel like I may have been Sam in another life because everything she writes vibes on such a deep level. She just doesn’t do the trivial stuff, everything here is big life/mental state altering stuff. There’s also a Smart Twenties podcast, which is a really neat way to add more oomph to a blog. Pretty much, I’m just jealous, and I kind of want to start my own podcast now. What would I call it though, Stumbly? Does that even make sense? Hm.

  1. Five Thirty-Eight

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Do you enjoy graphs and stats on varying topics, including politics, sports, and current trends? Do you like keeping up to date on how unpopular Donald Trump is? Good, then you’ll love Five Thirty-Eight. Read to become the most informed person in the room.

  1. The Penny Hoarder

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I can’t even begin to estimate how many times I’ve used this site, both in school and the adult realm. I fully believe that if you check this blog out every week, you will be a slightly richer person than you would be without it. Doubt me? I’ll prove it. I just checked out the site and within three minutes, I found out what Sephora’s bday gift for Insiders is for this year (which saves money on beauty supplies, so sign up!), I found 30 freebies, AND I got a code for a free Redbox movie!! (Text VALPAK to 727272 for your free rental. Wow, now I’m saving you money! What a wonderful, generous world we live in.) Now imagine what I could find within a week!

I hope you enjoyed looking at these 5 blogs for badass women! If you know of any equally cool blogs for women, men, or your pet goldfish, feel free to comment below or send them my way. I love a good blog like my cat loves a good ole’ splotch of sunlight on the carpet.



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