5 Top Best and Worst Disney Movies

Today I was watching Ella Enchanted, which granted, isn’t a Disney movie, but definitely got me in the fairy-tale frame of mind. I think most of us can agree that growing up on Disney movies is a childhood staple, and even as we get older, our opinions on what Disney movies rock and which ones we could do without stay strong.

So without further ado, here’s my list of the top 5 best and worst Disney films. Keep in mind that there’s a ton to go through and I didn’t include holiday movies. Because the Halloween top movie is obviously Hocus Pocus and I don’t even want to touch the Christmas category. Also, these are my own opinions, obviously. Feel free to leave your own top 5 best and worst in the comments!

Top 5 Best Disney Movies

5. The Emperor’s New Grooveanigif_enhanced-27137-1423862861-38

You just can’t watch this movie without smiling, you just can’t. It’s got everything you could want out of a Disney movie: good music, lovable characters(Pacha, anyone??), a hilarious villain, and some good life lessons. Plus there’s so much quotable comedy material.

4. Upopen-uri20160811-32147-1ie24w2_bfb77429

Man, this movie makes me cry every time with that montage of Carl and Ellie. I keep hoping maybe one day I will hold it together, but it hasn’t happened yet.

3. Toy Storyc3c2b4a3323c4a71929cd5fc76bcda4df7157175

I feel like I don’t have to explain this one. It’s freakin’ Toy Story. An original idea that lasted years.

2. Beauty and the Beast (both the original and the new one)q8oec91nijopghwi9hxtc27nfx0

Beauty and the Beast has always been my personal favorite, in part because I related to Belle more than any other Disney princess. Not only was she a brunette too, but she loves to read, ignores the pretty fuckboys, and doesn’t tolerate crap from her Beast. Belle was one of Disney’s first princesses that showed backbone and a fair amount of feminism. Since then, Disney has really strengthened their female characters.

1. The Lion Kingfe06957bf708d7ffb8da576e3d581373f60f8dab

Another one that makes me cry. Everything about The Lion King is ICONIC. (But Hamlet is iconic, so I suppose you’d have a fair argument there.)

Top 5 Worst Disney Movies (sorry)

5. National Treasurenational-treasure

I’m sorry, but National Treasure isn’t a national treasure. I used to think it was okay back when I was too young to realize Nic Cage was a shit actor. But now the veil of innocence has been ripped back from my eyes and I see the movie for what it is: a bad plot with worse acting.

4. Snow Whitedisney-enchanted-wallpaper-in-2880x1800-pixel-snow-white-seven-dwarfs-and-prince-white-dance-sing-and-have-fun-tv-movies-wallpaper

I sort of feel bad about rating it so low because it was one of Disney’s first films; you can’t expect perfection the first time around. But the film is just so dull and fulfills every trope under the sun. Girl cleaning after men? Check. Girl needs to be rescued by a prince? Check. Yawn.

3. The Lone Rangersep161905-2-1

Not the show, but the new movie with Johnny Depp as Tonto…a native American. And really, I wish I could say that was the worst thing about this film.

2. James and the Giant Peach1434739106-star_jamesandthepeach_tickets

If you saw this as a kid, you might remember weird insect creatures, a freaky rhino in the sky, and underwater pirates. I remember just being freaked out. It’s like every time I watched it was a self-challenge to see if I could make it through.

1. Can of Worms


If you escaped childhood without seeing this garbage, consider yourself blessed. I can’t remember how I came across this movie, but I remember sitting there transfixed in an odd kind of horror. The Bom alone gave me nightmares for days. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.


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