Give Time this Valentine’s Day, Not Stuff

I’ll be the first to admit I love a box of actually decent chocolate on Valentine’s Day from my significant other. And hardly a year goes by where I don’t hint for the umpteenth time in a row that flowers would be nice this year.

That said, Valentine’s Day is increasingly becoming more and more of a commercial holiday that values gifts and stuff over actual affection. After Valentine’s Day, we hear more and more often, “What did he get you for Valentine’s?” rather than “What did you do together for Valentine’s?”

If that isn’t concerning enough, Valentine’s is also a hard day for the single folk. Even if you have a group of pals to do a Galentine’s Day with, you’re still likely to feel crummy when the girl the next cubicle over at work receives flowers and you don’t get even a single chocolate bar.

Which is why, this Valentine’s Day, I’m choosing to value time with my loved ones over gifts and stuff. Not only does spending time together mean more, but it cuts out the weirdness that comes with trying to get a gift for somebody else. Couples feel a ton of pressure to perform on Valentine’s Day when it comes to gifts; if your gift isn’t as great as the one you receive, you’re deemed a bad girlfriend/boyfriend. And everything is so darn expensive! A bouquet of average flowers shoots up to $60, and forget about getting roses.

I think most people can agree that gifts are nice because they show that someone is thinking of you. But personally, I think time means more. Time isn’t something you can return, give back, or throw away. I’d rather have a nice mediocre date at the bowling alley on Valentine’s Day than have some boy throw a $5 box of crap chocolates at me and call it a night.

That’s not to say gifts have to be completely thrown out of the picture, but let’s reverse the roles here: Instead of the day revolving around gifts, with little time, let’s focus on time, with little gifts. Not only will it make your Valentine’s Day more meaningful, but it puts Valentine’s Day back where it should be…in the hands of people who care about each other, and not Walmart’s bank vault.

Fun Valentine’s Ideas for Singles, Gal-Pals, Couples, Throuples, etc.

  1. Seriously do go bowling. Maybe they’ll play some wacky music that night.
  2. Go out to dinner together, or host a Galentine’s Day potluck! (Man, I’m doing that next year)
  3. Rent a movie to watch at home and cook a meal together!
  4. Start a new Netflix show! (For the boring couples that realize there’s nothing wrong with being boring)
  5. Go for a walk downtown and pop into a few bars (buy a drink for the saddest looking single at the bar. If you’re also single, buy yourself a drink or five)
  6. Galpals: Make it a Craft and Wine Night! Substitute crafts for games and wine for any liquor you like
  7. Fun single idea: Try to watch as many romcoms as you can in one night. Go hardcore.
  8. Here’s an idea: Treat the day like you would any other day and when people ask you, “What’d you do for Valentine’s?” just look at them strangely and answer, “Who is Valentine?” and walk away. Classic.

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