8 Restaurants on My Bucket List

If I become a millionaire (doubtful at this point,) the second thing I’m going to do besides travel the globe is eat at any restaurant in the world. Imagine having the money and time to jet off to Paris or Italy to try out one of the world’s top eateries. What a life, right?

But because I’m not a millionaire, I’ve come up with a list of just 10 restaurants that I might actually be able to eat at before I die. Some of them are super fancy places in other countries that might be harder to get to, but others are hometown favorites that I just haven’t gotten to try just yet.

1. Cafe du Monde


Photo credit: neworleansonline.com

Location: New Orleans   Reason to try it: If you’ve heard of Cafe du Monde before, it’s probably for their world-famous beignets, which are basically fried donuts covered with powdered sugar. A staple of the Big Easy since 1864, I cannot wait to try the place myself when I visit in just a few weeks! It will be my first time in New Orleans, so pray for me and my liver.

2. St. Francis Winery and Vineyards


Photo credit:Kobrand Wine and Spirits

Location: Sonoma, California   Reason to try it: If you’re going to go to Sonoma County for wine anyway, why not visit one of the best? I grew up going to vineyards often for family picnics and as I got older, for wine tastings, for which I have a strong appreciation. I’ve been to California wine country, but this looks like one that is a must-see.

3. Lamberts Cafe


Photo credit: wikipedia.org

Location: Sikeston, Missouri   Reason to try it: I grew up hearing about this crazy, middle of nowhere cafe that literally throws rolls at people. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the opportunity to try it. If you’re a Missouri native and you haven’t tried this one, hop on the band wagon!

4. Le Cinq


Photo credit: TripAdvisor

Location: Paris, France   Reason to try it: It’s Paris. It’s a top-rated restaurant with top-rated chefs…in Paris. It has gained 3 Michelin stars. Need I say more? Except that maybe I’ll have to save up to even afford to eat here.

5. Eleven Madison Park


Photo credit: Forbes.com, Getty Images

Location: New York City   Reason to try it: Not only does this restaurant serve up amazing fair from chef Daniel Humm, but it sits at the bottom of a historic building with a fantastic view Madison Square Park. I’ve never even been to NYC, but if I did, I might have to check this out.

6. Alinea


Photo credit: steakhouseprices.com

Location: Chicago   Reason to try it: One of the top restaurants in Chicago, Alinea is the only restaurant in the area to have a 3-star Michelin rating. The restaurant prides itself on providing creative dishes you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Their food literally looks like a piece of art(see above.)

7. Saison


Photo credit: sfeater.com

Location: San Francisco   Reason to try it: Apparently an interesting place to try French-American fusion. I can dig it.

8. The Brazen Head


Photo credit: kiss925.com

Location: Dublin, Ireland   Reason to try it: The Brazen Head is not only Dublin’s oldest pub, it is Ireland’s oldest pub, established in 1198. Can you believe that? When you party here, you party in the same place that people used to back when people were walking around in hose and funny hats. I’ve been to Dublin, but I need to go back for a serious drinking tour. I like Guinness, so I. Am. Ready.





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