How to Make a DIY Date Jar

You might be wondering what the heck a ‘date jar’ is.

Simply put, a date jar is a jar full of ideas for dates for you and a partner so that you always have a stock of fun ideas and don’t sit there every Friday night going, “Well, whatcha wanna do?” “I dunno, what do you wanna do?” That cycle is endless.

I hope I haven’t scared off the single people. Because a date jar isn’t exclusive to couples; take yourself out on a date! Actually, I think a self-dating jar could be more fun for singles. Like, I would love to put SPA DAY in my date jar, but I know my boyfriend would never go for it. Sad.

Anyway, my point is: Single people, date yourself, make a date jar. Couples, hop on board for less boring Friday nights.

Date Jar Instructions!

First, get yourself a jar. Any jar will do and feel free to go nuts like I did and decorate it. Maybe you could get all cutesy and paste photos of you and your beau on it. Or be lazy like me and just put a ton of somewhat relevant stickers.

Using scraps of paper or post-its, write down date ideas that will be at least somewhat enjoyable for all parties involved. Some of my ideas I came up with include packing a picnic, wine tasting, going to the arcade, and trying a new restaurant in town. We’re big on food in my house.

Make sure you fold up your papers real nice and fill up the jar as much as you want. You can share your ideas with your partner, or choose to keep your half of ideas a surprise. Or, alternatively, you can be a sneak like me and go through the whole jar when your partner is not around. To each their own.

Voila! Next time you want a fun date idea, you’ve got a ton of options.

Have fun crafting!



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