How to Plant Your Own Mini Herb Garden

Even if you’re not an aspiring chef, everybody can use having their own herb garden to pull from whenever they need a pinch of this and that while cooking.

Herbs not only provide tasty seasoning and additions for many meals, but they’re easy to grow and collect. Even just giving a little bit of love to a few plants can make a difference and brighten up your kitchen.

If you’ve ever been curious about growing your own mini herb garden, here’s some tips on how to get started.

Supplies You’ll Need:

Different herb seeds (You can find these for super cheap at almost any mass retailer or gardening store. Some easy favorites to start with are basil, oregano, chives, and cilantro.)

A pot for each herb. The pot type doesn’t matter much so long as it will drain water.

Potting soil

Spray bottle for misting

Plastic wrap(optional, but strongly recommend)

Gardening gloves(optional if you like getting your hands dirty!)


Before you begin, make sure you have an ideal, sunny spot in your home indoors. Most herbs need a nice sunny area that will get hours of bright light a day. Don’t keep your herbs outside.

Fill each pot 3/4 full with potting soil. Follow the direction on the back of each seed packet as to how deep you should sow the seeds and how far you should space them apart. Cover the seeds with a shallow amount of soil and mist generously with the water bottle.

Place the pots in a sunny place. The back of your seed packet should say how long it will be before you can expect seedlings to rise.

Pro tip from a Master Gardener (AKA the mom): You can urge your herbs to grow faster by putting plastic wrap over the top of the pot. This helps seal in warmth and prevents drafts from affecting growth. As the seedlings grow, you can cut a hole in the top for them to pop through.

Within a week or so, you should see seedlings start to show. Make sure to frequently mist or water your herbs as they grow bigger. Don’t harvest the plants until they’re full grown, though!

Enjoy your own mini herb garden, and the good cooking that comes with it! 



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