The Best Of: Restaurants in CoMo

Like many college towns, Columbia, Missouri has an eclectic assortment of restaurants ranging from the commercial to the hole in the wall.

Though I’ve only officially lived in Columbia for 9 months now, I can say that I’ve tried a lot of what’s out there and as an unofficial foodie, I’m going to give my opinion on what’s the best. Feel to free to enthusiastically agree or disagree with me in the comments!

Best Indian: India’s House

This one is the easiest to pin down simply because there’s not a ton of authentic Indian cuisine in Como. That said, there’s no competition when you do compare. India’s House never lets me down and I could eat their lamb curry twice a week and not grow tired of it. Favorite menu item: Lamb curry and garlic naan

Best Sandwiches: a tie between Firehouse Subs and Potbelly

I would say that Firehouse subs are more flavorful, but Potbelly subs are simple and less filling. Which is a good thing in my book because I often feel a little too stuffed after eating a whole Firehouse sub. Really though, you can’t go wrong with either. Favorite menu items: Firehouse Italian sub, Potbelly TKY slim

Best Breakfast: Cafe Berlin

Good luck getting in this place for Saturday or Sunday brunch, though. Favorite menu item: I’m basic, so I like the Just Breakfast.

Best Mexican: Las Margaritas

This one took quite some time to figure out as you’ll get a different answer every time you ask a local what the best Mexican in town is. However, I tend to trust my foodie friends more and after trying Las Margaritas and other multiple joints, this one’s the clear winner. Though if you crave a margarita with more tequila in it than is godly, I would suggest Agave. Favorite menu item: molcajete ranchero, which comes served in an honest to goodness molcajete, the Mexican version of mortar and pestle.

Best Fancy Restaurant: Flyover

I’m sure there will be dissent on this one, but Flyover is special to me because I haven’t found anything else like it anywhere. They serve small dishes family style and you can order as many as you like to share with the other people at your table. Their pretzel sticks and Boursin cheese plate is heaven and their cocktails are really good too. Can’t go wrong, but be careful about who you bring. This probably isn’t the best place for picky people or those who hate sharing. However, it is perfect for foodie couples who believe sharing is caring. Favorite menu item: Their menu changes frequently, but the pretzel sticks are a staple, I believe.

Best Pizza: Pizza Tree

If you live in Como, you knew this one was coming. The age-old debate…is Shakespeare’s or Pizza tree the better pizza? And I can say, without hesitation, that the answer for me is definitely Pizza Tree. The flavors just seem to pop more and their pizza by the slice lets you try multiple types of pizzas in one trip. Shakespeare’s, on the other hand, is a better place to sit down and eat, have a party, etc. It’s kind of a pick your poison thing, really. Favorite menu item: Banh Mi pizza slice

So, what do you think? Am I spot on Como locals, or completely missing the mark? Please share your favorites below!





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