About This Blog


Stumbly is a quirky mashup of lifestyle advice, book reviews, travel, and foodie culture. If that sounds like a lot of niches for one blogger, that’s because I don’t believe in limiting myself or my content. I’m a girl who likes her burgers and her fresh veggies…I’m not going to hork down just broccoli if I’m feeling like a big ole’ steak that day, you know?

That said, every week I try to revolve my posts around topics that are culturally relevant, and that I think need a bit more discussion. I try to keep things light and funny here because, well, that’s just who I am.

Why Stumbly? Because it’s okay to stumble every once in awhile or even a lot; it’s okay to make mistakes. I made this blog to help readers remember that.

-Cailin is based out of Columbia, Mo., where she works full-time as a social media and media relations professional. She is steadily growing Stumbly with the goal of one day being a full-time blogger.-

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